5 Free Tools For When Launching Your Matchmaking Business

Today i’m sharing with you 5 amazing and totally FREE tools which can help you launch and grow your matchmaking business. I’ve personally used them all and definitely recommend them.

1)  Canva

See our pretty header on this email? It was made for free in Canva. You don’t need design skills, there are plenty of drag and drop templates (perfect for non creatives like me!). You can create social media headers, memes, and brochures among others.

2) Unsplash

Free gorgeous photos that you can use on your website, in your marketing and thousands to choose from!

3) Mailchimp

This email is coming to you thanks to the wonderful people at Mailchimp. For the first year of this newsletter I used the 100% free version and it works just as well. As more and more of you joined up I upgraded to get the automated emails function but honestly, the free version is awesome!

4) Hootsuite

Many new matchmakers fall into the trap of spending too much time on social media, with hootsuite you can schedule social media posts super easily. While there’s no substitute for engaging with people, it’s great to get posts scheduled so you don’t need to worry about it everyday.

5) Google Analytics

This is an amazing tool to track activity on your website. Set up a free account, paste the code you’re given into the back end of your website and you will have access to information like how many people have visited your site, where in the world they’re based, how they came to your site (e.g. via a particular link or google) and what they did on your website – the pages they visited, where they went first and where they clicked off. This is gold dust info!

There are so many great free resources out there that it’s never been more straightforward and affordable to set up your own business and be your own boss! If that’s your dream…..go for it!

Caroline x

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