5 Reasons to Use a Matchmaker to Find Love

Matchmaker Lydia shares her top 5 reasons why people use Professional Matchmakers…


1. Matchmakers will only introduce you to people looking for a relationship

Gone are the days where only people who were genuinely looking for a relationship could be found on dating sites. There are so many time-wasters now.

Matchmakers weed out people who are just looking for a bit of casual fun or who are bored on their commute home. This way, when you meet someone you’re compatible with, you know they’re also looking for a relationship.

No awkward ‘is this just a fling for you’ conversations needed!

2. Quality over quantity

If you want to go on a date every night of the week, you can. Heck, you could go on three dates a night if you want!

But what’s the point of going on hundreds of dates if none of them match with you? Matchmakers meet everyone they work with and get to know them. They find out what makes their clients tick and who they think they’re looking for, so they’re able to make quality matches.

This means less dates, but meeting the right kind of people.

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