6 Barriers That Are Stopping You Becoming a Matchmaker

Is something holding you back from taking the 1st step to becoming a matchmaker?

Often, we have the abilities and skills to set up and launch a thriving business but we tell ourselves a different story. One where we aren’t good enough, or that now isn’t the right time. But what’s really behind your thoughts?

Today on the blog we’re tackling 6 common barriers that are stopping you from becoming a matchmaker and living your dreams. Let’s kick off with our most asked question…

1) I’m not in a relationship myself, will people take me seriously?

You don’t need to be in a relationship yourself to be a successful matchmaker – just look at the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger!

Matchmakers can be single, divorced, in a relationship, it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you are able to help others find love and your relationship status has no impact on that.

When I launched my matchmaking business I had recently gone through a breakup. I then began dating and am now married. At no point has it ever affected my work. If anything I found sharing my personal experiences where appropriate has helped me to connect and bond with my clients.

2) Apart from playing cupid for friends, I have no matchmaking experience

Most matchmakers that launch their own dating agency don’t have previous experience. Getting a job in matchmaking can be tough as the demand is high and most matchmakers don’t have a high turnover of staff (proof that people love the job!).

If you can gain experience working for a matchmaker, fantastic, but it’s not essential.

Pretty much all the successful matchmakers I know and work with, had no experience starting out. We all have to start somewhere.

When I started I had no matchmaking and no business experience so I didn’t have the level of confidence in my own abilities to make a great match that I have today. I reflected this through my membership packages and prices. I started small and grew. There is nothing wrong with aiming and starting at the top from day 1, but my own journey saw me start out fairly small so I could learn on the job.

3) Will people still want to sign up with me if they know I’m new to matchmaking?

Yes. From my experience clients are less bothered that you are new to the industry than you are!

Don’t try to hide that you’re new or say you have been going for much longer than you have because it’s really easy to find out that it’s not true. There is absolutely no shame being a new business, you will find people really admire you and clients will want you to succeed (especially in finding them love!).

That’s not to say you won’t miss out on some clients who will prefer to go to a more established agency. I remember having a great consultation with a potential client and a few days later she called to say she thought I’d be great but felt she should go with another agency that had been around since before I was born. I totally understood. In the same way someone might choose you over a different service because you’re fresh, driven and full of ambition to prove yourself.

Don’t let being a new matchmaker put up a barrier to making sales, trust in yourself and people will join you.

4) How do I know if I have the skills to be a matchmaker?

You will find that many of the skills and traits you have are easily transferable to being a matchmaker and running a matchmaking business.

My previous background is working in Children’s Services working with children with complex needs and their families both hands on and the managerial side– very different to being a matchmaker!

Many of the skills I learnt in my ‘previous life’ have been very helpful in matchmaking.

  • I can chat and get along with people from all different walks of life and backgrounds and make people feel at ease
  • I am comfortable picking up the phone to chat with a client, or emailing them or meeting face to face
  • I am able to have challenging conversations with people (like “sorry he doesn’t want to take it any further”) but still leave them feeling positive
  • I have strong admin and organisational skills
  • I know when to ‘switch off’
  • I am naturally the type of person who wants to help people and will always do my best to go the extra mile

What skills and qualities do you have that would help you in your role as matchmaker? I’m sure you have lots!

5) I’m working full time / have a family / have a busy lifestyle – will I have the time to do it?

It really depends how much you want it!

There’s no denying that launching any business takes time and matchmaking is no different. But it is absolutely possible no matter your circumstance. I know matchmakers with young families, I have trained matchmakers who have started their businesses whilst working full time in another sector and who have had a complete career and life change. Take Tara McDonnell from South Downs Introductions as an example. She used to be a police detective and is now a matchmaker! Claire Hughes from Soiree Society used to be a bank manager. Kate Wray from Little Black Book worked in marketing before having her family. Lydia Davis from Mutual Attraction was a personal trainer and PA.

Many matchmakers start out by running their business alongside other responsibilities. It might mean you need to meet potential clients after work or at the weekends or get up an hour earlier to write a blog post or send some emails. But promise me, these are small sacrifices to have a career that makes you happy and a lifestyle that suits you.

6) Am I too young/old to become a matchmaker?

Never! It doesn’t matter your age, your ethnicity, your lifestyle, your beliefs, your sexuality or anything in between! There are no rules about who can and cannot be a matchmaker. All that matters is you want it enough.

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