All Change at Mutual Attraction

I made an important decision this week that I have been putting off for nearly a year.

727a852a-9de3-4a14-9737-10a94b70af42When you run a business it becomes your baby. You want to love everything about it – how it looks, how it works, how it makes you feel.

For a while now i’ve not been in love with the Mutual Attraction ‘brand’. Don’t get me wrong I love the business, I love matchmaking and everything that we do. But our website is looking tired. The text no longer grabs me. The images are outdated. The colours don’t light me up. It’s time for change.
Change is Scary!

Yep it is. I’m nervous right now, I won’t fib.

This will be the first time I have gone through the rebranding process and i’m going all out. In a meeting with the designer we have commissioned to work on the project, I told him I wasn’t precious over anything, so the name stays but anything else can go. Ekkk.

As I said it, I felt both nauseous and excited.

We’ve had the same look and vibe since I launched Mutual Attraction. In fact it was nearly 5 years ago that I had our first (and current) website created.

So now, it’s time for change and a big one at that. This project (which i hope to be completed in time for Christmas) is going to impact pretty much everything that we do at MA. It’s not just a change of colours and pretty things. Right now we’re drilling back to the core basics. Looking at our ideal clients and why we do what we do.

Change is scary yes, but it’s also incredibly empowering.

Now I’ve made the decision and have the right people on board (and the team all behind it every step of the way) i’m seriously excited for a fresh beginning for us.

I’ll be sharing my journey with you over the coming months as I hope it will help you create a brand and business that you love 🙂

Much love

Caroline x