Behind the Scenes at the Filming for our Online Course

‘Oh fudge, what was I saying again’?!

Yesterday was an exciting day. Why? Filming began for the Matchmaker Academy Online Bootcamp….yeah!

This photo was shot right near the end of the day by which time i had fluffed my lines more times than I dare to admit but that is part and parcel of filming though I might have to share some of my outtakes with you to give you a good giggle 😉

filming 4 pic

It will now be quite some weeks before everything is chopped and edited, in the meantime i’m cracking on with the bulk of the course and we are now half way there, wahoo! I’m celebrating this achievement as its been quite the task juggling creating the online course whilst also running Mutual Attraction, hosting the live bootcamp and coaching Academy graduates across the globe (Canada, Slovenia and the US i’m looking at you!).

Next week is when the real slog begins, recording all the audio for the presentations I have to share with you but i’m eager to get stuck in so I can bring you the ecourse version of the bootcamp to you guys as soon as possible. I know there are a lot of you waiting for it, thanks for your patience, I want to make sure it’s awesome for you!

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