29th February 2016

Code of Ethics

This code sets out the professional standards to which matchmakers should abide by in all aspects of their work. The code, and the standards and ethics outlined within it, are a guideline for professional matchmakers in best practise.

Commitment to Clients

Matchmakers must act in the best interest of the client at all times.

Matchmakers should be in regular communication with the client ensuring they are kept up to date on their progress through the service.

Matchmakers should be open and honest with the client in all areas of the service including a written agreement fully outlining the service.

Matchmakers should ensure they take on as clients only those they feel meet the requirements of the service and for whom they believe they can offer a full and excellent service.


Matchmakers must respect client’s right to privacy and put into place a system for safely storing and handling private information.

Matchmakers should keep clients information confidential unless it is essential that it is shared, for example with another matchmaker or potential match. Matchmakers should disclose to a client in what capacity their information will be shared and the detail of that information.

Matchmakers are expected to work in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Matchmakers should act in accordance to their own terms & conditions for the storage and use of personal information in matchmaking.

Professional Conduct

Matchmakers should act in a professional manner at all times and not bring the role of matchmaker into disrepute.

Matchmakers should not let personal private matters affect their work.

Matchmakers have a moral duty to refer, where appropriate, those who they cannot support through their matchmaking service to other matchmakers or a relevant support agency, for example a date coach.

Matchmakers should continually strive for the best practise possible; this includes their own ongoing development and training.

Membership Conduct

Matchmakers should give a clear indication before a client joins on the number of matches a client should reasonably expect and the time frame in which they will be given.

Matchmakers should clearly define their services including the use of terms such as ‘match’, ‘introduction’ and ‘date’.

Equality and Discrimination

Matchmakers should strive to be fair and objective in their advice and actions.

Matchmakers should treat all clients with the same high regard and respect.

Matchmakers should not discriminate against clients or potential clients.


Matchmakers must be transparent with the cost of the service and not have ‘hidden extras’. If charging VAT this needs to be made clear.

Matchmakers should have an invoicing and billing system in place that maintains confidentiality.

Matchmakers must have in place a refund policy or clause and offer a fair process for refunds, including a 14 day cooling off period.

Matchmakers should strive for professional excellence in all that they do.