Creating a Matchmaking Brand You Love

Love helping people connect? Then create a business YOU Love.

Screenshot of our current website and brand at Mutual Attraction.

Last year my matchmaking business, Mutual Attraction, went through a rebrand.

I would be fibbing if I said it didn’t take longer than expected!

Why? Because I didn’t want to have just any matchmaking brand – I wanted one that myself, the matchmaking team and all our clients also loved! It turned out to be a tougher task than I thought but I am so pleased we went through the process.

Are you a matchmaker at the start of your journey and developing your business?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve decided it’s time for an overhaul and rebrand of your matchmaking business.

Today I want to share some tips from Brand Expert and female entrepreneur Hermione Way. Hermione has created several successful brands and now helps startups get on the right track.

She was also the Head of Communications for Tinder so she’s well versed in the dating industry!

Click the image below to watch the interview with Hermione.


Caroline x