Interview With Academy Graduate Francesco Fulchini

We need more male matchmakers in the World!

Which is why I was so delighted when Francesco Fulchini reached out to us here at the Academy. Francesco is an Italian living in the big smoke who has more passion and determination in his little finger than most have in their whole body! Francesco knew that matchmaking was a joint passion for him, alongside a music career. Right now he is working on his first LP so could we see a singing matchmaker soon? Watch this space!

Matchmaker Academy Graduate

Matchmaker Academy Graduate Francesco Fulchini

Francesco when did you first start thinking about becoming a matchmaker and why?

Coming from Italy I grew up knowing nothing about the existence of matchmaking, I also recently found out that the word itself has been dubbed in movies and shows with a lot of different meanings for us Italians and never explained as what it really was. Then, one day, I decided to download a free episode from the iTunes Store of a new reality show called ‘Love Broker’, thinking it was about real estate in New York, and that show opened up a completely new world for me. It followed the everyday life of the matchmaker Lori Zaslow and her Manhattan dating agency ‘Project Soulmate’ and I’ve been so fascinated by the way she always tried to help her clients finding their true love that I wanted to know more about this career. I honestly watched every episode of every other show I could find online: from Patti Stanger’s ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ to Siggy Flicker’s ‘Why Am I Still Single?’ through Natalie Clarice’s ‘Find Me My Man’ and read various books about matchmaking, dating, body language and love psychology. The more I researched for this knowledge the more I realized most of it was already inside of me and that I’ve always been that one friend who could pick up the silent “love signs” between people when others couldn’t see them.

What made you bite the bullet and sign up to the academy bootcamp?

When I moved to London I wanted to enter the world of matchmaking and learn everything about it from the inside so I contacted the best matchmaker out there, Caroline, who was so sweet to meet me for a coffee and later introduce me to her wonderful Matchmaker Academy, so I jumped on this great chance and joined the bootcamp.

What did you enjoy the most about the bootcamp?

Well, besides the wonderful people I met there (both other matchmakers and experts), I loved the way the bootcamp was structured in order to help everybody from the newcomers to the already working matchmakers. A step by step guide that covered every aspect of the business, the proper ethic to follow with your clients and the behind the scenes tips Caroline and the other guest hosts shared with us, helping other matchmakers to start or continue their career with the right foot on the ladder to success.

Tell us a bit about where you are now and what your future plans are…

Looking at me right now, it could seem I’m in the exact same place I was before everything started, but I can’t explain the huge amount of information and knowledge I achieved in such short time thanks to the right people I met and even if now this passion of mine is a little bit on hold, because of what I learned I know I can achieve big things in life, whenever I decide to continue.

Watch out for the Italian Matchmaker Launching Soon!