Interview With Laura Yates Dating Coach & Academy Speaker

Coaching services can be hugely benefitial to matchmaking clients but coaching have a bit of a bad rep. Contrary to belief there is no lecturing involved, especially with Laura Yates who is down to earth, super lovely and kind. She’s the kind of woman you just want to tell your life story to! We got chatting to Laura over cocktails (anything better? nope!) and grilled her about her job…


Laura tell us about your role as a dating & break-up coach

I help people deal with issues from their past relationships to then set them up for fantastic, fulfilling and healthy relationships in the future. I also help clients with dating tips and advice and very importantly, how to be happy in their lives as an individual outside of a relationship – but one that will enable a relationship to happen and evolve in if that is what they want.

What path did you take to what you’re doing now?

I have been coaching for almost 4 years now but during my first year of coaching professionally I went through a very significant break-up. By going on that journey and writing about my experience, I recognised a huge need for support for other people who are going through break-ups too. Since then I’ve focused my work in the break-up and dating space and have never looked back!

Have you had to overcome any challenges on the way?

Working for yourself in your own business always comes with challenges, I think! For me, achieving a degree of balance in my work and personal/social life has been a challenge but then I love my work so much so it’s not such a bad thing! A personal challenge has sometimes been in regards to dating when I tell my dates about what I do. It’s never been a problem as such but I have been met with a few surprised expressions! From a client perspective, people do sometimes have the belief that I am the ‘key’ to their struggles and that by simply working with me that all their challenges will instantly be solved without them having to do any work on themselves. So it’s managing client expectations in that way too.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Hands down it’s been able to help people through their personal challenges when it comes to breakups, love, dating and relationships. I love to see people really blossom and get to witness their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth soar. That’s when they attract amazing relationships too! I love to be able to help people see a different perspective. And from a personal standpoint, being able to turn something negative in my own life into something that now helps others – it’s incredibly rewarding.

Do you have a stand out achievement?

Getting to travel to places like sunny LA with my work! And probably being featured on the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire – that was a proud moment!

Any crazy things you have done along the way?

Hmm, well I got asked to write for a dating site for ‘gingers and those who are looking to find a redhead to love’. That was an email I never anticipated I’d receive in my career! The dating industry really is full of some weird and wonderful concepts (and people!) so it’s NEVER boring!

What do you enjoy most about being a guest speaker at the Matchmaker Academy bootcamps?

I love the way that matchmaking is so personal as I think that despite online dating being a great way to meet people, it does take away that personal element and can be very difficult to navigate due to the sheer number of people on dating sites. Mutual Attraction really focuses on the individual so every client feels incredibly cared for and I love to be a part of that. Coaching can really aid that and it’s wonderful to share how it can work and enhance a matchmaking service. I am also crazy passionate about business and entrepreneurship so being able to offer my insight on this is also something I love to do!

Any advice for people looking to get into matchmaking/dating industry?

If you can, find a niche. And find your zone of genius and run with that. Don’t be tempted to try and emulate other matchmakers who are successful. You can take what works from a business perspective of course and learn from that, but apply your own stamp and personality to it. The nature of matchmaking is personalised so people are really buying into you and what you can offer them! And most of all if you are passionate about it, go for it!

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