Interview with Matchmaker Academy Graduate Aneeka Patel

Aneeka 3

Aneeka joined us at the May 2016 matchmaker training bootcamp and just a few short months later she has launched Project 143! In fact, her website has gone live today, well done Aneeka! I had a catchup with her to see how she’s been getting on with setting up her matchmaking business.

Aneeka when did you first start thinking about becoming a matchmaker and why?

About year ago.

It was my second year being single and I decided to use online dating and dating apps to find the man of my dreams. Having very little luck I found that I just wasn’t meeting like-minded people who were serious about finding a partner. My friends had similar experiences and we were all searching for a solution. I decided to become that solution. That ‘dating friend’ that ‘matchmaker’. I soon realised being south Asian myself there was big niche that needed catering to, so decided to launch Project 143. 


May 2016 cohort

What made you bite the bullet and sign up to the academy bootcamp?

Once I decided I wanted to become a matchmaker I realised I needed the right tools and right guidance to get me started. I came across the academy and thought ‘eureka’ a matchmakers academy actually exists! It was my calling and the best decision I made. 

What did you enjoy the most about the bootcamp?

I enjoyed meeting professionals in the dating industry and listening to their experiences and how they have helped so many people either find love, learn more about themselves or simply bring out people’s confidence.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

So far meeting new people and listening to their stories (because everybody has one) and realising that I have the potential to make a difference in their lives. It’s early days but I am really enjoying it.

What does the future look like for Project 143?

Project 143 has just lauched this week – exciting times! I have already met with a few potential clients and cannot wait to get them signed up. I hope to be the initiator of long-lasting, happy relationships. Got a question for Aneeka? Tweet her @Matchmaker_143