Interview with Matchmaker Academy Graduate Kate Wray

Every matchmaker needs their very own Little Black Book and Londoners can now take advantage of Kate Wrays personal one, as she has launched the Little Black Book matchmaking service. Kate attended the Matchmaker Academy May 2016 matchmaker training weekend and she’s going full steam ahead…..


Kate testimonial image

1) When did you first start thinking about becoming a matchmaker and why?

I have always been a matchmaker, when I meet someone new I start thinking about the kind of person they are and how they will get along with other people I know, even if it’s not in a romantic sense. It was after I’d been responsible for many marriages that friends started suggesting I do it professionally. I loved the idea but had a full time job and later a family, I always said ‘one day’. At one of the weddings that I had orchestrated between friends, I was presented by the happy couple with a Smythson’s leather ‘Little Black Book’ . (I’ve attached a picture if you want to include) It was then that I announced that ‘Little Black Book’ would be the name of my matchmaking business.

2) What made you bite the bullet and sign up to the academy bootcamp?

It was years later, when my best friend told me how her sister had had a disappointing experience with an established matchmaking company. She urged me to get on with my longterm ambition and we brainstormed ideas on how Little Black Book could offer a more satisfactory experience to that already on offer in the London dating agency market.

Although I know a match when I see one and I have a natural instinct about people when I meet them, I needed something more tangible to show potential clients that I am the real deal. I spent about 6 months reading and researching, then signed myself up for the Matchmaking Academy.

3) What did you enjoy the most about the bootcamp?

The best thing was meeting like minded people, who understand my passion for matchmaking happy couples. Many of my married friends and family don’t quite understand my motivation, especially if they found a partner early and easily. It’s now wonderful to be part of a network of talented and supportive people.

4) Has anything funny or crazy happened since you began matchmaking?

For one of my matches I held back the information that the guy had crazy hair, I knew that once they met they’d get on so well it wouldn’t matter. I even chose a photo where his hair had been a little shorter and you couldn’t really tell. In the run up to the date the girl confessed that there was one thing she had to have in a man that she hadn’t mentioned yet … crazy hair! I could have wept with joy. Goes to show one girl’s poison is another girl’s meat. They are now married with two children.

One of the challenges we face as professional matchmakers is the balance between shouting about what we do and discretion. Despite the lack of stigma about using a third party to find a partner, still most people would like say that they met their partner through friends. That’s why at Little Black Book we think of ourselves as an extended network of friends – offline.

5)  What’s your favourite part of being a matchmaker so far?
I’m sure for all matchmakers the best bit is seeing two people, who you knew would get on, have their ‘Happily Ever After’
And of course, who doesn’t love a good wedding!
6) What’s in the pipeline for the Little Black Book?

We are currently in the process of growing our singles network, like a huge web of friends. Summer is a great time to be out and about at events, everyone looks their best and confidence is high.

Got a question for Kate? She would love to hear from you, drop her a line @little_bblondon