Matchmaker Academy Mini Reunion

Last night was the first ever mini matchmaker reunion and what fun we had!

In fact so much fun that some matchmakers didn’t make it to bed until the very early hours of the morning….I will name no names 😛

I learnt early on that there is nothing more important than having other matchmakers as friends and colleagues. Matchmaking is a job like no other, and sometimes you just need to chat with people who understand.

Prepare yourself for the world’s worst photos…..

reunion 1

reunion 3

Rich 5

ClqvdWhWQAA7wBu.jpg large

Crikey it’s a good job we aren’t photographers isn’t it!

All our graduates are part of a private facebook page so that we can talk, ask questions and support one another and it’s so lovely to see.

Of course, not everyone could make it yesterday as our get together was held in London and our grads are all across the world, but a big thank you to those who braved the rain and came along for a drink and put the world of matchmaking to rights!


Now, an important question for you – we have a private facebook group for graduates only but would you be interested in a facebook group that would be open to anyone who was interested in a matchmaking career? It would be to share matchmaking info, ask questions and pick matchmakers brains. What do you think?

Would you like a matchmaker facebook group?

Let us know by tweeting us @match_academy

Caroline x