Meet Matchmaker Susie Lane

I would like you to meet Susie, one of my lovely matchmakers….

Susie and I started working in matchmaking around the same time. She worked for a different agency and we would collaborate and cross match our clients. We were pretty good at it too and just the other week we heard from a couple we matched 4 years ago that are still going strong!

Susie is now one of our core team at Mutual Attraction and works with our clients age 42+. I grilled her on her job and making matches….

“Shared values and aspirations are key to a great match.

I love finding out what the client believes in, what they stand for, where they are headed in life and how they plan on getting there.

Often people think you need to have lots in common for a relationship to work, but just because you both like opera or travel doesn’t mean you will automatically be compatible…. though it does of course give you something to talk about on a date!

Meeting new people and hearing everyones unique story only they’ve lived is my favourite part of being a matchmaker.

Their life and loves to date have made them who they are. It’s great to work with so many different types of people – and means no two days are the same for me as a matchmaker.

My most recent favourite success story is two clients who were both quite shy. Both culture vultures they met at an art gallery which gave them plenty to talk about over lunch. They’re still together months later exploring other exhibitions and London together.”

Susie is an awesome matchmaker and i’ve always loved working with her because she puts clients 1st. She goes above and beyond to deliver an outstanding service. As matchmakers we can’t promise a certain outcome (love!) but we can give it our all and deliver a top notch service.

Got a question you want to ask Susie? She’s happy to help! Reach out to her at 

Caroline x