Meet the New ‘Agony Aunt’ for eHarmony

Guess who has been announced as the new ‘agony aunt’ for eHarmony? Our very own guest trainer Charly Lester!

Less than 4 years ago Charly started a dating blog. Since then she has been an advisor for Lord Sugar on the Apprentice, edited the Guardian Soulmates blog, founded the Dating Awards, headed up the Global division for dating at Timeout, launched a dating app and now is eHarmonys resident agony aunt. Phew!

Are you thinking ‘HOW’?! Here’s 3 things Charly does that you can put into practise:

1) She’s positioned herself as an industry leader

Charly has always aimed for the top. She’s built meaningful relationships and collaborated with top industry players. Where were many of these connections initially made? Twitter! If you don’t have a Twitter account get one set up today!

2) She’s Pro Active

Charly doesn’t sit and wait for things to happen. She MAKES them happen. She reaches out to businesses, journalists and follows through with plans. Did you know she got the job at Soulmates by simply emailing them some suggestions? Be a go-getter!

3) She’s not afraid to ask for payment

Charly values her time and her skills so she does what so many people are afraid of – she asks to be paid. When starting out you might do some things pro bono but after that, to be taken seriously you need to charge for your time. Charly commands a high fee and people are prepared to pay her for her expertise.

Charly shows you what is possible to achieve in a small amount of time in the dating industry so long as you have determination, grit and a positive mindset!

Charly is happy to answer any Qs you have, make full use of this opportunity! It doesn’t matter if all you have is an idea right now, you can still start building connections starting right now @30dates