New Training Weekend For Matchmakers Announced: Video Inside!

Have you ever thought about becoming a matchmaker? Sure you have or you wouldn’t be here right?! 🙂

For many people, they think quitting their 9-5 to become a matchmaker seems impossible, or a lifetime away. I’m here to tell you otherwise. How do I know? Because I used to work in a 9-5. I used to wonder how ‘other people’ did it and I often thought ‘where the heck do i start’. But I may not have used the word heck – don’t judge me.

Matchmaking is a hugely rewarding and worthwhile career and even better, matchmakers have never been in more demand.

Twice per year, I host a 2 day boot camp for people wanting to become matchmakers. Yes you can start a matchmaking service with no prior knowledge or experience, but having training and the support of experienced matchmakers and professionals from the dating industry, along with other matchmaker graduates, is invaluable.

Which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce the date for the next boot camp. Simply click the picture below to watch a short video: