Should Clients See Photos of Their Date?

We’re getting controversial here…

One of the biggest debates in the matchmaking world is whether or not matchmakers should share photos of a clients date with them before they meet. In other words should it be a blind date?

Here’s a quick run down of some of the pros and cons of seeing a photo before agreeing to a date:


Total transparency

It’s near impossible to describe what someone looks like and if we were to say ‘good looking’ who is to say the client will also find them good looking? It’s subjective. By sharing a photo you can be totally transparent about who you are matching them with.

Freedom of choice 

It’s the clients dating life after all so perhaps the power should be in their hands?


People are judgemental

It’s human nature and matchmaking clients are not immune! You will find clients turn down the chance to meet someone who could be an amazing match for them because they don’t like the jacket they’re wearing or their hair cut in a photo. Yep we’ve heard it all before! This can really put a dampener on the clients chance of finding their perfect match.

People stick to their ‘type’

If there’s one thing I have learnt matchmaking, it’s that people usually end up in love with someone who doesn’t fit their ‘type’. In many ways, if they have been dating this type all their life until now and have yet to find that one, it’s an indication that they need to date outside of this and meet new people. Alas, people will often turn down the chance to meet someone great on the basis that someone isn’t their type from 1 photo.

So over to you. As a matchmaker do you use photos or do you prefer the ‘blind date’ method? Both have pros and cons as we’ve seen. Share your thoughts with us below.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this article from our dating photographers over at Hey Saturday on why dating photos are about so much more than looking hot!

Until next time…

Caroline x